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UX300 / 301

UX 300/301

Consider the UX 300 card reader/controller your new, most dependable employee. This versatile, self-service solution provides secure and reliable transactions for vending machines, public transportation and other unattended, high-transaction-volume environments. Programmed to read most bank cards, chip cards and mag-stripe cards, the UX 300 hybrid card reader works alone or in combination with UX Series PIN pad and NFC- reader options to add more functionality to your self-service environments.

  • Tamper-resistant design features anti-vandalism enclosure that can withstand an impact of up to 10 Joules
  • Weatherproof enclosure provides top-level protection against dust, liquids and other harmful substances, withstanding IP34
  • Shutter to prevent foreign body insertion
  • Designed to easily integrate into existing environments and compatible with many POS host protocols, like ESAI, iECR, ZVT, XPI, VIPA and more
  • Allows exible con guration settings with UX 100, UX 110 and UX 400 Proven hybrid card reader technology ensures easy customer guidance Wide card slot for easy user acceptance
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