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UX400 / 401

UX 400/401

Contactless transactions are where the world is heading. Depend on the UX 400/UX 401 contactless solution to be ready for NFC-enabled payments, quick-identi cation con rmation or other contactless transactions at unattended, high-transaction-volume environments, such as on-street parking meters, petroleum pumps and ticketing machines. From mobile wallets to the wave of a card, the UX 400/UX 401 satis es the need for secure and rapid contactless transactions.

  • Anti-vandalism enclosure that can withstand an impact of up to 10 Joules
  • Weatherproof enclosure provides top-level protection against dust, liquids and other harmful substances, withstanding IP65
  • Optical guidance by four LEDs
  • System wake-up upon card tap
  • Illuminating contactless logo
  • Maintenance-free device and outdoor-rugged peripheral wrapped into one sleek, modern design
  • No specific software is required on UX 400/UX 401; everything is driven by UX 300/UX 301 master
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