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UX 410

Contactless transactions are where the world is heading. This versatile, self- service solution provides secure and reliable NFC payments for vending machines, on-street parking meters, petroleum pumps and other unattended environments. From mobile wallets to the wave of a card, the UX 410 satis es the need for secure and rapid contactless transactions.

  • Tamper-resistant and anti-vandalism enclosure that can withstand an impact up to 10 Joules
  • Weatherproof enclosure provides top-level protection against dust, liquids and other harmful substances, withstanding IP65
  • Intuitive customer guidance by LEDs and illuminating contactless logo, as well as dual tone buzzer
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Designed to easily integrate into existing environments and compatible with many POS host protocols, like ESAI, iECR, ZVT, XPI, VIPA and more
  • Allows contactless transactions with PIN by connecting UX 100
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